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Crusader Kings 2 sold more than one million units

Crusader Kings 2 sells more than one million units

Crusader Kings II, the Paradox Interactive developed game, has sold more than one million units. The game launched in February 2012 for the Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The game has seen many pieces of DLC released with combined sales of more than seven million units.

“Whenever we discuss the sort of games we like to make, and the sort of fans we make them for, Crusader Kings II is one of the titles we point to as a shining example,” said CEO Fredrik Wester. “I want to thank every one of those million fans who have picked up Crusader Kings II for proving our point about game design for the truly dedicated. We make games for people who want to dive deep and explore a title with endless possibilities, where each player develops their own in-game story - and our players have responded.”

Players have spent on average 99 hours of play time and averages 12,500 players every single day. There is also more than 100,000 monthly active users.


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Sylvio horror game on Greenlight with a new trailer


Indie developer Niklas Swanberg has just released a trailer for the upcoming Sylvio, a horror game about a woman who records the voices of ghosts.

The trailer is spooky and intriguing, and sets up the plot of the game. In search of good ghost conversation, protagonist Juliette sets off for an abandoned (and cursed) park, which was shut down in the seventies, after a deadly storm wiped out a bunch of people.

The game has a definite David Lynch vibe, who is listed as a direct inspiration. The music, the heroine, the old-timey nostalgia and even the overall theme (there’s a darkness in the woods!) scream David Lynch, while the set-up is pure Silent Hill.

Sylvio is currently up for vote on Steam Greenlight. It’s slated for release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, with no firm release date at the time of writing.


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Quoting Deadly Premonition in the Merge Games Weekly Bundle



The Humble Weekly Bundle: Merge Games runs for one week and will end the coffee break on Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

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Doorways: The Underworld first-person horror released


Saibot Studios has announced that Doorways: The Underworld is now available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam today. The game will have players venturing through dark, mysterious environments as Thomas Foster who must use his psychic ability to connect with criminals and locate them.

From the Press Release

Crawling through the shadows of Steam today, Doorways: The Underworld is the newest first-person horror game from Argentinian developer, Saibot Studios. Featuring the voice talents of Sam A. Mowry (Alexander in Amnesia) and Oculus Rift support, Doorways: The Underworld is available now for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

Although known to the public as a charitable NGO, in truth, the Doorways organization is responsible for hunting down extremely dangerous and elusive criminals. As a Doorways agent, Thomas Foster uses his psychic abilities to connect with these criminals and locate them inside surreal realms of the mind. In order to survive his newest assignment, Foster will be forced to play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the viciously deranged experiments of The Surgeon, and to question the reality of his own psyche.

To learn more, visit the official Doorways: The Underworld website and Steam page.


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RetroN 5 Console uses several emulators without rights

RetroN 5 Console looks amazing but could infringe on rights

Hyperkin’s RetroN 5 console is a fantastic way to enjoy old classics, and offers plenty of benefits over existing clone retro systems, largely because it uses advanced software emulation to offer HD visuals and other benefits.

However, it would appear that Hyperkin can’t entirely take credit for the system’s impressive credentials. Daniel De Matteis, a key member of the RetroArch team, who claims that the RetroN 5 uses several emulators without permission.

In case you were wondering, RetroArch is an open-source “all in one” emulation solution which is currently available for free on a wide range of platforms, including Android, Linux and Windows. It unifies the work of several different emulator authors — who produce “emulation cores” which are used in the program itself — into a single user interface, and is famed for its accuracy.

It is claimed that by using RetroArch, the RetroN 5 infringes on the rights of several authors, including Eke-Eke (Genesis Plus GX), SNES9x (a non-commercial emulation core) and RetroArch itself, which is licensed under the GPLv3, meaning that it is forbidden to use it in a device that forces hardware restrictions — which is exactly what the RetroN 5 happens to be.

De Matteis and his team have run comparisons to check the similarity in code between the aforementioned emulators and what is installed on the RetroN 5, and it would appear that the code is near-identical. De Matteis reveals that he personally authored some special code for the SNES9x Next emulator and the code found in the RetroN 5 “seems to be verbatim, line-by-line, the same”.

De Matteis now wants Hyperkin to credit the hard work of the authors whose emulators it has used, seemingly without permission:
We’re just a bunch of lone individuals with no real financial muscle or legal muscle so they will be undoubtedly in an advantage there but all the same I’m not thinking of just letting this go unanswered. At the very least some accreditation of some sort should have happened and they should have honored the licenses of the emulators they used (like the SNES core forbids it from being used commercially). We didn’t receive any patches either by these Hyperkin guys which is a base requirement of GPL code - that code of derivative works get shared back.


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Counter-Strike: GO meets Gone Home in map mod

If you felt like Fullbright's coming-of-age drama Gone Home was missing something, and that something is guns, then you’re in luck! Steam modder Nipper has faithfully recreated that game’s setting, the Greenbriar estate, as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map.


For the true Gone Home experience, play this mod while listening to Heavens to Betsy.

There’s even a hint of a story as Nipper infused this spin-off with the following description: “Your family is mysteriously missing again. But you can figure that out later. Right now you have more pressing issues to attend to, like the fact that your house is full of terrorists and some dude has been taken hostage. Rescue him by taking him to the garage where you can make a swift getaway on that old bike thats been sitting there for twenty years.”

The level supports up to 32 players, but Nipper suggests playing it with significantly fewer than that. The Greenbriar’s new home is large by middle-class suburban standards, but smaller than your average urban warzone.

You can download cs_gonehome here on Steam Workshop, or check out a video of it in action below. And even though Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not fully available on Linux just yet, playing the mod in WINE still lends to the experience.


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Linux and Mac port soon for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry Medieval Warfare could be seeing a Linux and Mac port soon

Torn Banner’s melee-heavy Chivalry: Medieval Warfare passed two million units sold in July 2014, which isn’t bad for a game that started life as a Half-Life 2 total conversion mod. Back in 2007, Age of Chivalry thrust pikes, clubs and bows into the hands of its Middle Ages warriors, and its first-person, close-combat multiplayer proved a hit. Realizing it was onto a winner, Torn Banner Studios followed it up with the Unreal Engine-based Chivalry: Medieval Warfare which, following a successful $86,000 Kickstarter campaign, making its debut on Steam in 2012.

Even though PS3 and Xbox 360 looks like they will  be able to jump into the carnage later this year, onsoles may not be the only platforms welcoming the game in the near future. Torn Banner seemingly teasing Linux and Mac ports “soon.” That or penguin paladin DLC.

Also, head below the break for a rather brutal new trailer. Which has nothing to do with Linux or Mac, it’s just funny.


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Warlocks side-scroller on Kickstarter with playable demo


There’s a lot of things that make Polish indie game developer Max Strzelecki different from you and I.

For instance, Strzelecki is a highly capable programmer. The 21-year old has been working at his craft since he was 14 with his friend and business partner Dushan Chaciej. College, Strzelecki says, isn’t all that challenging for him now. That’s part of the reason why he’s launched a Kickstarter to fund his first commercial game, called Warlocks for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and Wii U.

Warlocks is a retro side-scrolling 2D game inspired heavily by Risk of Rain. It’s being developed for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and Wii U. Up to four players can work together, locally or online, to explore a dangerous fantasy world. The game features lavish pixel art and classic sprite-based animation. It’s even been enendorsed by the teams behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Super Hot.

Strzelecki says that he’s also a pretty capable Dota 2 player. “I’m above average,” he says modestly.”

But the one thing that really separates Strzelecki from other people is the fact that he has no arms.

“I was born this way,” Strzelecki says. “This is the only version of me that I know. And it’s the best version of me I will ever be.”

In all other respects, Strzelecki says, he’s just like everyone else. He is completely self sufficient. To do his work he uses a regular keyboard, even a regular mouse. When the need arises, he can even use a gamepad like you and I. He just manipulates everything with his feet.

“It’s really not a big problem for me,” Strzelecki says. “I’ve completely adapted to it. I don’t really feel my disability on a daily basis.”

Apart from showing him working at his desk on camera during the Kickstarter video, the Warlocks campaign has not drawn much attention to his disability. Strzelecki says that’s because they are confident in the quality of their game.


There’s even a web-based playable demo for potential backers to try out.

The Warlocks campaign has 14 days to go. Right now they’re a little less than a third of the way toward their $25,000 goal.

Warlocks_side-scrolling_game_on_ Kickstarter_in_epic_bosses_explore_collect_loot

Whether the game is funded or not, Strzelecki is confident this won’t be his last project. And he says that no one should be surprised to find him, or other people with disabilities, in the grueling field of game development.

“I would like to think that I could be an inspiration for someone else,” Strzelecki says. “But for now, I don’t know that I need to be. All the disabled people that I know share the same, tenacious mindset that I do.”


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Garry’s Mod creator gives kudos to Mojang for sale

garry newman applauds Mojang sale to Microsoft

Microsoft bought Mojang yesterday—you may have heard something about that. You may also have heard grumblings from some corners of the community that Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson “sold out” by taking the money and abandoning his game—and, by extension, his millions of adoring fans—to the fickle whims of of a corporate villain. But Garry Newman, the man behind indie darlings Garry’s Mod and Rust, says he’d do exactly the same thing if he could, and you probably would too.

Newman pointed out in a blog post that went up shortly after the Mojang deal was was confirmed that everything changes for an indie developer once he starts hiring people to work for him, because you’re suddenly responsible for a lot more people than just yourself. Citing the case of Blitz Game Studios, which shut down in September 2013, laying off 175 employees, and then effectively re-launched in November under a new name, he wrote, “Those are the guys you don’t want to be.”

“I am sure more than the top guys at Mojang became very financially rich due to this deal and that’s something that should be admired—not seen as a bad thing,” he continued. “Long story short, I’d have done the same thing. The money is enough to very much take care of all the staff. The game is in relatively safe hands. Mojang’s legacy is as a huge success story instead of a one hit wonder. Everyone wins. Can you seriously say you’d have done it differently?”


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Commodore 64 title Powerglove released for Linux, Mac, PC

Matthias “Lazycow” Bock has brought something for those owners that still have your 30 year old Commodore 64, he has brought the classic-era run ‘n’ gun game, Powerglove to the fans. It was released as an entry in last year’s RGCD 16K C64 Game Development Competition and it placed 3rd out of 15 games that were entered. It has been 9 whole months that have been filled with fixing bugs, tweaking and cramming additional levels and features that all fit into the tiny 16KB of available ROM space. Lazycow has announced that the game is now finally available to buy as an RGCD published physical C64 game cartridge and also you will be able to download it on the Linux, Mac and WindowsPC.


But that’s not all… In addition to all this awesomeness, over the past few months Matthias has also ported the game over to Linux, Mac and Windows PC, making Powerglove the first game to be simultaneously launched on the C64 and modern-day systems since, well, ever! This game is exclusive to, and stays true to the feeling of the original Commodore 64, even if there are some additions to the game like minor enhancements and optional artwork. You are able to download the game on your Linux, Mac, and Windows PC completely free! It is all donation based. Get your free copy here!


In Powerglove, the features that you will experience include the following:
  • Classic run ‘n’ gun action!
  • Seven types of fiendish mechanical monsters to vanquish!
  • Cool stuff to collect (including Powerboots)!
  • Authentic and pimped C64 artwork!
  • SID Soundtrack by Cyborgjeff!
  • Controller support!
Here is the gameplay video for Powerglove:

So go to your attic or storage or where it may be and just brush off your Commodore 64, and grab your physical copy of this all-new-and improved C64 version of Powerglove. Along with getting your physical copy you will also get a 12-page printed manual, a bunch of vinyl stickers, and double-sided A3 poster/map print, plus an option of an A2/A3 poster set.

You can find out more information and see some of the screenshots from the game on their official game page. You can also follow Matthias Bock on Twitter and check out some of the other games on Lazycow’s official site.


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Habitat devs announced Steam Workshop support now live

Indie developer, 4gency, today announced Steam Workshop support is now live for Habitat: A Thousand Generations In Orbit . The new Steam Workshop support will give players the chance to start creating their own unique space junk, as well as giving all Habitat players the option to use custom space junk content, either locally or downloaded from Steam Workshop.

For players and creators, an in-game browsing interface allows players to quickly see the custom items they have created or subscribed to on Steam Workshop, and makes re-skinning easy.

For creators, an easy-to-use in-game editing interface will allow creators to import FBX models (exportable from many popular 3D modeling packages), select a custom texture, assign collision volumes, weld points for attachment to Habitat space stations, and set properties including mass and resource production. The created item can then be saved locally for use in-game or shared out with Steam Workshop so that others can download it and use it in their game.

This is just the first version of Steam Workshop support and more customizations and functionality will continue to come out with future updates. This update also includes a number of gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

An Early Access build for Linux, Mac and Windows PC is now available through Steam, Amazon, Humble Store, GameFly, Gamer’s Gate, GreenMan Gaming and Nuuvem priced at $14.99, £10.99 and €14.99, but is currently 40% off on Steam all week long.

In Habitat gamers have to build and manage the future homes of humanity from orbital debris they find in space junkyards surrounding Earth’s orbit.  Leading their team of engineers, they will have to build and fly space stations in a zero gravity setting, mastering physics driven flight simulation to explore space. In order to thrive and grow they have to manage their population and their population’s environment.  In the event of a threat they will have to turn their space stations into deadly weapons using pieces of debris picked up such as rockets, lasers and particle accelerators to fight and ultimately survive against attacks from the enemy.  This is a space survival game where crisis is guaranteed and the only chance for survival is to be creative and decisive in the face of disaster.

Follow 4gency on Twitter


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SteamWorld Heist turn-based 2D combat coming in 2015

The creators of SteamWorld Dig have revealed its follow-up, swapping platformer action through procedurally generated caverns for turn-based 2D combat.

SteamWorld Heist lets players build up a squad of robots and go privateering across the galaxy searching for bounty. Once they find a suitable target, the bots send over a raiding party to take down its crew in sidescrolling tactical battles.

Its predecessor, SteamWorld Dig, first released on 3DS eShop in August 2013. It then made its way to Linux, Mac and Windows PC in December, and off to PS4 and Vita in March 2014. Swedish studio Image & Form plans to complete the circle by releasing it on Wii U this autumn.

Image & Form said on its official FAQ that it wanted to “to follow SteamWorld Dig with a great surprise. Would’ve been too obvious - and too predictable - to follow up with a sequel, like some genre-stuck debut artist.”

SteamWorld Heist will release “some time in spring 2015” on “all platforms”, though Image & Form is still deliberating over which to release on first.


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