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English voice acting included in Mighty No. 9


Mighty No. 9, Comcept’s spirtual successor to the Mega Man series, will feature English voice acting according to an update on the game’s Kickstarter page. A vote which drew more than 20,000 participants was the deciding factor, and according to the update, the vote was never more than 1,000 votes from going in favor of English or Japanese.

Back in July, Comcept updated their crowdfunding efforts and asked for $200,000 to add both English and Japanese voices. However, at the beginning of October, a Kickstarter update explained that funding was insufficient for supporting both languages.

“Rather than stick to the revised target of $200K for both English and Japanese voice acting and close it down short of the goal, we’ve decided to lower the goal back to the original $100K for one language,” the update reads. “And, rather than dictate which one voiced language we offer in the game, we want to put it to a vote and let you, our loyal backers decide: English or Japanese!” Now that the votes have been tallied, it appears the former is the winner.

Mighty No. 9 is due to release in spring of 2015 for ten mighty systems: Linux, Mac, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii U and 3DS.


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The writing for Broken Age Episode 2 is now complete

Broken Age Episode 2 is still a ways off, but Tim Schafer has finished writing it.


Broken Age the second episode and finale writing has been finished, a new Kickstarter update informed backers that progress has been made.

In the intervening months, studio boss Schafer has allowed Double Fine to record new music for cut-scenes and start voice recording sessions.

Double Fine is now working on getting Vella’s half of the second act to alpha state. No release date is available at this time, but the developer has “a much clearer plan for the remainder of development” and hopes to be able to give an estimate soon.

Remember how Double Fine initially expected to have the complete game out by October 2012? Oh how we laugh. Broken Age grew well beyond the developer’s original plans, and sales of the first episode were used to fund the second; if you bought one half, you’ll also get the other.

The first episode of Broken Age released on Steam in January before making its way to iPad in June.


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I am Bread simulator in development from Bossa Studios

Bossa Studios, creator of the joyously awkward Surgeon Simulator, is back with I am Bread, a physics-based bread simulator. According to the video description from the developer’s tweet, I am Bread is “the beautiful story of one slice of bread’s epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted.”

Gameplay appears to sit somewhere between Octodad and Katamari Damacy, with buttons mapped to all four corners of the bread slice. You flop your way around the house trying to maximize “Deliciousness” by getting toasted and buttered. All while keeping “Edibility” as high as possible, which means you need to avoid picking up too much garbage, Katamari-style. And it all unfolds under a time limit.

There is no word yet on platform(s) and a release date, but the studio has previously started with Linux, Mac, and Windows before expanding to other platforms.


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We want Half-Life 3 crowdfunding to influence Valve

Some people are very serious about Half-Life 3. Serious enough to start a crowdfunding campaign asking for $150,000. Their aim? To pester Valve developers enough that they finish and release the game.


Half-Life 3 has reportedly been in development for ages now. Having never been officially confirmed, fans have never really shut up about how they want Valve to release it. But somehow we are at a point where all those forum posts, Reddit threads, screaming on Steam, all pale in comparison to today’s campaign.

The elaborate Indiegogo campaign is started by Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei, who work for marketing firm McKee Wallwork & Co., and claim the firm is supporting them in their endeavour.

Being an Indiegogo campaign, Chris and Kyle get to keep whatever money it makes. There are four tiers to this thing, and I am going to list them all because they are completely ridiculous.

$3,000 tier: The duo will start a Google AdWord campaign that targets all 300 employees of Valve, all saying “we want Half-Life 3″.

$9,000 tier: A truck with a giant billboard will “besiege” Valve HQ in Washington and show similar messages.

$45,000 tier: This is the most ridiculous one of them. The pair will hire Gabe Newell look-a-likes to also “besiege” Valve’s HQ, all wearing “we want Half-Life 3″ t-shirts.

$150,000 tier: And finally, the most extravagant one; a concert will be held in Seattle featuring “some of the biggest names in video game music” and invite Valve employees and fans.

According to Kotaku, the campaign’s goal is to “engulf Valve employees’ lives”. I can’t seem to find that anywhere on the campaign page, so it must’ve been removed.

Find This Campaign On  and 

You may think this is borderline harassment, and you will be 100% correct. It’s one thing to be a fan of something and clamour for a sequel, and it’s another thing entirely to raise money so you can better harass developers to make said sequel. Newsflash everyone; Valve doesn’t owe you anything.


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Franchise sales for Trine hit 7 million copies to date


Frozenbyte marks milestone by releasing editor tools for first two games on Steam

Frozenbyte's physics-based action franchise Trine has sold more than 7 million copies to date, the Finnish developer announced today. Those sales were split between versions of Trine and Trine 2 released on eight different platforms: PS3, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Coinciding with the milestone, Frozenbyte is allowing players to try Trine Enchanted Edition and Trine 2: Complete Story for free on Steam this weekend. Additionally, the developer has released user-creation tools for both titles, giving gamers the ability to tinker under the hood.

“Opening up the games to user-generated content is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and we’re thrilled to see what people can come up with using the editors,” Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvärinen said.

Trine was originally released in 2009 on the PC. The sequel debuted on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 late in 2011.


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Kickstarter goal achieved for Elegy for a Dead World

Dejobaan Games' conceptually fascinating Elegy for a Dead World has achieved its Kickstarter goal of $48,000. The studio, best known for intense experiences like AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! and Drop that Beat like an Ugly Baby, is working with Girls Like Robots developer Ziba Scott of Popcannibal on a thoughtful fiction creation game.

The game’s three worlds are inspired by classic English Romantic poetry, pulling from Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and John Keats. Once players complete the game they’ll “have the option to share it with other players through Steam Workshop or reproduce it in digital and print media,” according to the developer. The game’s beta is planned for this month.


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Deadcore officially released today for Linux, Mac and PC


The independent studio 5 Bits Games and the leading video game publisher and developer BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S. today announced the launch of DeadCore, available now for download on Linux, Mac and Windows. Watch the latest trailer of the game and make your way up to the top in the DeadCore universe!

Discover DeadCore, a Platformer-FPS set in a mysterious futuristic world combining exploration, puzzle and speedrun tactics. After an endless fall through powerful magnetic storms… you awaken. Your memory erased, you start exploring the world around you. Someone or something is pushing you higher and higher. Suddenly, you spot the most gigantic Tower emerging from the mists. You soon understand that to get the answers to your questions… you have to climb its summit. Use your skills and your SwitchGun to survive the security system of the Tower in staggering levels and labyrinths. Will you be able to reveal the secrets that lie beneath this fog-ridden world? If you are to survive, you’ll need to use all your skills (jumping, double-jumping, dashing etc. ) and make good use of your SwitchGun: which can be used to enable or disable traps and robots in order to reach the top of the Tower and uncover the secrets of its origins.
  • Explore a mysterious world composed of immense and staggering levels with a labyrinth of secret passages to discover.
  • Unlock new powers and upgrades in order to access new areas of the Tower.
  • Challenge your friends and take them head on with our online leaderboards in Speedrun mode where every hundredth of a second counts!
  • Reveal the secrets of the Tower by collecting fragments of memory from its former inhabita
Deadcore throws you right into the action from the moment of spawn. There is little in the way of backstory but the gameplay is absolutely breathtaking. There are so many moments leaping through the air, you often wonder “will I make it?” Sometimes you do, and sometimes…..nope.

The movement and controls have a very naturally feel. While things like double-jumping is completely effortless and spontaneous in many scenarios.
Getting used to the mechanics, velocity, overall map design is both exhilarating and challenging. 5 Bits have truly put some thought and ingenuity into the gameplay and map layout. Reminiscent of games like Portal, with far more flying helplessness and ”falling off the map” experiences like that of Unreal or Quake. If you are not careful, that happens a lot. And yes, we completely admit to being caught up in those situations, quite a few times.

Being a Unity 3D title, Deadcore runs exceptionally well on Linux with stellar graphics & in-game performance. Everything from controllers to keyboard and mouse work and integrate effortlessly.

Currently Deadcore is available on Steam for $9.99 USD, not at all a bad price for all the playability the title has to offer. Things like Speedrun challenges have to be unlocked and everything within the gameplay is achieved from your own conquests. We do not want to get into too much detail, that would spoil all the fun. A “must play” for anyone seeking a title with it’s own unique style.




For more information about BANDAI NAMCO Games and its entire line up, please visit the BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe official website. For more details on DeadCore, please visit the  official webpage.


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Fat Chicken a farm tower defense title from Mighty Rabbit


Fat Chicken is an upcoming Steam release for Linux, Mac and Windows from Relevant Games and Mighty Rabbit Studios that features a unique take on the tower defense genre. The game will look instantly familiar to fans of tower defense, but where traditional games in the genre tasks players with defeating waves of enemies, players must attempt to make the farm animals as large and healthy as possible before the waves enter the slaughterhouse. Water, feed and growth hormones can all be given to the animals from towers along predetermined paths, and players need to watch out for aliens and other hazards throughout levels and ensure their livestock reach their destination safely.

Fat Chicken is currently available on Steam Early Access, with 15% discount until October 24.

Fat Chicken is a game with a good sense of humor. Players begin the game as a farmhand and toilet cleaner and will eventually earn a reputation for themselves and travel all around the world for their skill in leading farm animals to slaughter. The game awards players with slaughterbuxx for successfully leading an animal to the Fat Chicken Meat Co. slaughterhouse, and players can use the cash to purchase additional towers or upgrade existing towers all in an effort to fatten up the animals as much as possible while they travel through linear stages. Players will earn a star rank after each level based on the amount of meat they created during the level, and these can be used to purchase boosts for their towers such as faster shot speed or healthier animals. Additionally, heroes can be purchased between levels that give both a major boost and a disadvantage to players during the game. There are some really funny character designs for the game’s heroes that will definitely tickle a player’s funny bone.

Gameplay in Fat Chicken is complimented by a fairly strong presentation. Fat Chicken is easy to pick up and play with controls that only ask players to use their mouse to change camera options, place towers or move around in-game menus. Fat Chicken has plenty of camera angles available, though it can be a bit difficult to follow all of the action with any view when speeding up the game to 4x its usual speed. One thing we didn’t like about the early build of Fat Chicken is a bare bones options menu that doesn’t allow players to enjoy the game outside of full screen mode, and no graphic options means the game will play and look the same no matter how good of a gaming computer players have.

Game Features:

  • Single Player
  • Fatten Animals for Slaughter
  • 13 Locations and 26 Levels
  • Purchase Tower Upgrades and Heroes
  • Achievement Support
One surprising aspect of Fat Chicken is the game’s soundtrack. BAFTA award winning composer Jason Graves, who is well known for his work on the Dead Space and Tomb Raider series, created an exciting soundtrack with 17 original themes with farming inspirations. The different songs are very addictive and help make the game even more enjoyable than some would have expected from this once upon a time Steam Greenlight hopeful.

Fat Chicken is a fun game with a lot of promise. The game offers addictive gameplay with its unique take on the tower defense genre. Players will love the humor the game offers as well as a fun soundtrack that really captures and elevates the farm settings. With 13 locations, 26 levels and plenty of unlockable upgrades and heroes, Fat Chicken packs enough content to keep players enjoying the title for hours on end, and it should be a successful release when the game arrives in Fall 2014.


Fat Chicken is scheduled to release for Steam on LInux, Mac and Windows in Fall 2014. For more information on the game, check out the official Fat Chicken website.

Game Information:

Developer: Mighty Rabbit Studios
Publisher: Relevant Games
Platforms: Linux, Mac and PC (previewed)
Release Date: Fall 2014


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Opening cinematic for Civilization: Beyond Earth revealed

With release of Civilization: Beyond Earth drawing ever closer, 2K Games has decided to release the opening cinematic to the strategy title in order to suppress your appetite it’s ready for consumption.

In the latest entry for the Civilization series, players will be part of an expedition sent to find a home beyond Earth, where they will explore and colonize an alien planet.


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Her Majesty’s SPIFFING on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac & PC

Spacefaring comedy adventure with a very British heart Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. A quaint point and click adventure game following the exploits of Captain Frank Lee English and his trusted regional accented colleague, Aled, as they travel through the cosmos in search of new planets to claim for a galactic British Empire.

Again. Yeah, this is the game’s second appearance on the crowdfunding site, and this time developer Billy Goat Entertainment is looking for £30,000 in total.
This will go towards pushing the game’s three chapters out sooner rather than later, mostly.
It says nothing about the iOS version of the game on that Kickstarter page, mind. We asked Billy Goat about that and, rest assured, it’s still coming our way.

So, to recap, Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is a point-and-click adventure about Captain Frank Lee English and his Welsh colleague Aled.
The basis of their exploits is travelling across outer space in search of planets for the galactic British Empire to claim. It’s a comedy that touches on patriotism, British sensibilities, and colonialism. It also has touches of more absurd, light-hearted jokes and gags.

Anyone attenting Gamescom could get a hands-on with Her Majesty’s SPIFFING and come away with a few words. From what we hear, some of them were “funny”, “charming”, and “moustachioed”. If that gets your feathers ruffled with interest, you can back it on Kickstarter - there’s a PC copy available at the £10 tier.

There’s also a Windows and Mac demo available if you have one of those systems you can run it on.

There have been a few high profile stories of Kickstarter projects being successfully funded and then taking longer to develop than initially anticipated, however, this is more often than not down to the campaign being a victim of it’s own success, having been over funded to the point the developers decide they can deliver something EVEN better than they initially hoped. We have a pretty solid design plan, and while we’re keen for backers to contribute ideas and opinions to the project regarding story/ puzzles etc, we don’t plan to tweak the game’s mechanics far beyond what we have planned for. This discipline should keep us on track, but this is an issue that we have to address and, in the unlikely circumstance that the game was delayed, it would be purely to ensure that our game is every bit as good as we promised our backers it would be.


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Ghostly puzzle platformer Ethereal now on Kickstarter


You never truly move past the loss of a loved one. Instead, says developer Thomas Finch, you get over the hurdle.

Finch is the creator of a new puzzle platformer called Ethereal, a project that explores death and the life of his father. A Linux, Mac and Windows PC title, the game follows a recently deceased spirit in the afterlife. In order to accept his death and move on, the spirit must revisit seven of his most traumatic memories — his parent’s death at age 10, for example, or learning his wife couldn’t have children. Scattered throughout these memories are mementos that will teach him to let go of his pain.

Each experience is an echo from the life of Finch’s father, Mark, who passed away in January of 2008. The game isn’t a true retelling of Mark’s life, though Finch says its journey is deeply rooted in his experiences.

“He always had trouble letting go of the past,” Finch said of his father. “I wanted players to [not only enjoy the game], but think they learned something from it; that you shouldn’t really hold on to stuff so much.

“Life sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. You need to move on.”

"Life sucks, but it’s not the end of the world."

Mark was sick long before his death, which came as the result of emphysema and other complications. During the final years of his life, he was in and out of the hospital many times. Doctors would tell him, “You only have this long to live,” and he’d survive, again and again. When Mark was told his days were numbered again, the family thought it to be another false warning. Then he died.

Finch was 18. In the days that followed, he and his brother took up the role of comforting their mom and sister.


Returning to Mark’s death six years later isn’t a way for Finch to cope with that loss, but he takes comfort in knowing people might care about the story of his father’s life. Ethereal is a dark, depressing journey that deals with death and danger, but he views the game overall as a positive one.

“The message of the game is honestly kind of happy, because it’s about letting go,” Finch said. “I thought my dad’s life was interesting. He went through a lot of crap in his life … I wanted it to be a game because I think it’s a good way for people to kind of experience it.”

Finch hopes to fund the game via Kickstarter and launched a campaign yesterday seeking $17,250. Ethereal will be made whether or not that campaign succeeds by its deadline of Nov. 14, but will take much longer to complete. It’s also collecting votes on Steam Greenlight.


Working on Ethereal can be “a little weird at times,” Finch says — especially when Finch had to work with his artist to draw the body of his dead father — but it isn’t emotionally draining. In fact, Finch is confident that his father would approve.

“I think he’d love it,” Finch said. “I think if he’s up there looking down on us, he’d probably be proud of it.”


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5 Free Linux games to play on Steam this weekend


Steam is opening the gates this weekend, offering 10 games for free starting at 10AM PST on Thursday, October 16. Free weekends allow players access to the games for free for a limited time, usually through Sunday at 1PM PT, and Valve says these 10 games will be available for purchase at “tremendous savings” in conjunction with the sale.Games offered for free on Steam this weekend are Awesomenauts, Blade Symphony, Company of Heroes 2, Don’t Starve, Grid 2, Injustice, Killing Floor, Payday 2, Trine 2 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This is the largest free weekend on Steam yet, so order in some pizza and have fun.
STEAM FREE WEEKEND STARTS THURS, OCT 16October 15, 2014 - The largest “Free Weekend” ever begins tomorrow on Steam. Beginning at 10 am Pacific Time, 10 popular titles will be available to play free of charge, and available for purchase at tremendous savings.

    The 10 titles being offered are:
  • Awesomenauts (Linux)
  • Blade Symphony
  • Company of Heroes 2
  • Don’t Starve (Linux)
  • Grid 2
  • Injustice
  • Killing Floor (Linux)
  • Payday 2
  • Trine 2 (Linux)
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Linux)
No purchase is required to play any or all of these games all weekend long. All you need is a Steam account (available free of charge).

Steam is a leading platform for Linux, Mac, and Windows software and games with over 100 million active accounts worldwide, and offering over 3,700 titles.


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