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‘Lovely Planet’ 3D First Person Shooter hits Linux, Mac, PC

Publisher tinyBuild Games and India-based indie one man developer QUICKTEQUILA are bringing this cute FPS ‘gun ballet’ game, Lovely Planet, to PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam on July 31st. Take a trip to Lovely Planet, but make sure to bring yours boots of speed with you, as you jump along the way to your destination with infinite amount of bullets with a ‘semi-automatic’ that is used for the enemies that you meet along the way.


In Lovely Planet, players can’t just camp or stop and stare, you will need to use your parkour-like skills to jump and dodge bullets, while also aiming to get the better shot on your enemies. Defeat all your enemies quick, and finish the level quickly in order to earn a star for that level, which will go towards setting world records.

With a hundred levels, and five worlds to discover, players will get to master the levels indeed, with your boots of speed, players can speedrun this in a 60 frames per second 3D world, to final make it to that one far, far, faraway destination, Lovely Planet.

Lovely Planet hopes to translate the old formula into a version of its own,” according to a QuickTequila statement. “It’s the most authentic first person shooter experience; a game of jumping and shooting.”

Here is the Lovely Planet Gameplay Trailer:

Features that included in Lovely Planet are:
  • The most authentic First Person Shooter experience, a game of jumping and shooting
  • Hundred levels to master, five worlds to discover, one faraway destination
  • Learn and practice each level to earn stars and set world records
  • Search for multiple secrets hidden deep within each world
  • Precise Gun Ballet at a flawless 60 frames per second! (conditions apply)
  • A story so abstract, it’s not told at all – you won’t know what hit you
  • Original Soundtrack by Calum Bowen
You can see more screenshots for Lovely Planet on their website, plus like QUICKTEQUILA on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


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Verde Station first-person exploration for Linux, Mac, PC

Verde Station a first-person exploration game on a space station

A year alone in space and it will find anyone, They say: space madness. The big black boredom. The horizonless heebie-jeebies. The endless ennui. Lunarcy. A year aboard Verde Station (for Linux, Mac and Windows PC) tending plants with only an AI for company and the mundane might start to seem very weird indeed.
Verde Station is a first-person exploration game set on a space station. During your year long solo mission you begin to question your sanity. What do you trust most – what you see, what you’re told, or your instincts?

You begin on Day 1 of a year long solo mission aboard Verde Station. Your only companion is the station computer – D.A.V.E. Your job is to monitor the Greenhouse: trees and plants that will later be used to off-site. As you explore the station you begin to question your sanity. Have you been here too long? Have you not been here long enough?
All of which is to say that Verde Station is a video game, a first-person explorer set about a space station where you’re all alone. A big hit of Gone Home with a bosh of Moon, and it looks great.

Like Gone Home, it’s about poking around an empty space, picking things up, looking at stuff, tapping at computers, and trying to figure out what is going on. Something seems suspicious, see. I say the whole premise of a solo space-gardener is unlikely, for starters.

Developers Duelboot Games say it’ll have no combat or mandatory puzzles, explaining:
There are no puzzles that stop you from progressing. You explore the station to figure out what’s going on. It’s actually possible to run through the game, skip most of the content, and finish it without really knowing what happened. Of course, that would be missing out on the entire point of the game.
Duelboot plan to release Verde Station this autumn, and are currently trying to crack Steam Greenlight. They say they’re still working on making it look and sound better too. As you watch this trailer, do bear in mind that we cannot all have Kevin Spacey voice our space station AI:


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Supreme cool dudes at Devolver Digital and the skate masters at Roll7 announced today that OlliOlli, the critically-acclaimed skateboarding game, is now available for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam, Humble and GOG. Fingerboarders can skate over to Steam right now and grab OlliOlli at 10% off…

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Timespinner an awesome pixel-based games on Kickstarter

 There are various ingredients required to form a successful <a href=Kickstarter campaign, primarily having a good idea. Yet it also pays to show evidence that the game in question is not only real, but is full of potential. Timespinner from Lunar Ray Games hits that sweetspot. Its Kickstarter campaign started with PC / Mac / Linux goals, but with funding success well beyond its $50,000 goal it’s now also coming to PS4, Vita and, most importantly for us, 3DS.

Having passed $115,000 with three days to go the 3DS version is confirmed, with the developer previously stating that the portable was added as a stretch goal due to some inspiration from the DS entries in the Castlevania series. That inspiration is clear in the screens and footage, with lovely pixel-art for what’s promised to be a top-notch 2D Metroidvania experience.
At its heart, the game is a child of the great pixelated classics of the SNES and PS1 age. From the rich story worlds of Star Ocean, the expansive gothic castle exploration in Castlevania, and the tight gameplay of Megaman X, Timespinner seeks to weave all of these elements into one amazing game.
You can check out the footage below, and it certainly looks enticing. Let us know what you think.


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Crypt of the NecroDancer hits Early Access July 30

Break out the shovels, swords and dance pads; roguelike/rhythm hybrid Crypt of the NecroDancer is zombie-shuffle-dancing its way to Steam Early Access on July 30. It will be available for PC, Mac and Linux.

Not everyone will have to wait until the end of the month to practice their dance moves though - developer Brace Yourself Games is also hosting a “NecroThon,” a Crypt of the NecroDancer tournament that will benefit charities like Child’s Play, Doctors Without Borders and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Participation is by invite-only, but you can still watch and learn more by checking out the event’s hub page. For those not familiar, NecroDancer mashes monsters and music by dividing dungeons into tiles which can only be moved across when the player pushes the movement key in time with the game’s background music. It’s a unique concept, but you can always check out our Tiny Stream of the game to see it in action.

Instead of a dedicated attack button, players must move into spaces to attack their enemies - a feature which also makes the game playable using Dance Dance Revolution-style dance pads. Custom NecroDancer pads were also recently made available through


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Push Me, Pull You gameplay revealed for Linux, Mac, PC

Push Me, Pull You, a bizarre, horrifying co-op wrestling game about conjoined worm-people competing with one another to keep a ball in their court. Now, developer House House has released some alpha footage depicting an entire round of the nightmare fuel.

As you can see, the four-player game is based around competitive multiplayer in which two teams each occupy the body of one creature. One person controls the head and arms, while the other controls the… other head and arms at their rear. Just go with it.

Every “sportsmonster” can expand and retract, but the longer you are, the less force you exert upon the ball. So you’ll have to decide as a team, on the fly, between focusing on length or girth.


“Love each other, work together, communicate and coordinate, and prove that a good friendship can overcome anything (unless you find yourself up against an even better friendship!)”, said the Melbourne-based developer. “PMPY combines the best parts of 2v2 local multiplayer with the worst parts of your last breakup.”

Push Me, Pull You is due in late 2014 on PC, Mac and Linux.


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Kickstarter funded Sunset for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Sunset has been funded on Kickstarter with $67,636 raised of a requested $25,000, allowing developer Tale of Tales to conquer a stretch goal aimed at creating a richer, bigger game through the addition of an animator, programmer and concept artist.

Sunset is a narrative-driven exploration game about Angela Burnes, an American tourist trapped in the fictional South American city of Anchuria after a military coup in 1972 prevents her from returning home. Angela becomes a housekeeper, and once a week, an hour before sunset, she cleans the high-rise apartment of Dr. Gabriel Ortega. As Angela cleans, she uncovers secrets about Gabriel’s life and his involvement in the revolution against the new dictator, Generalísimo Ricardo Miraflores.

Sunset includes music by Austin Wintory – as heard in the new story trailer (below), it’s a mellow, Latin guitar kind of vibe. Sunset is due out in 2015 for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam.


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'Off Grid' satire and stealth coming to Linux, Mac, PC


In 2011, Rich Metson was a metal worker who was just starting to dabble in the world of coding and open source software. This newfound interest led him to a conference put on by the Internet Society, and in between dry discussions of internet protocols and domain names, he stumbled on a talk by Columbia University professor Eben Moglen. That moment was the first time Metson truly understood the implications of net neutrality and data privacy. He describes the talk as “a rallying cry.” And coupled with ongoing events like the Arab Spring uprising, it had a profound influence on him.

While some people might react by spreading the word through a blog or stiffening up their own personal privacy measures, Metson’s mind went in a completely different direction. “Over dinner, drinks, and pinball that week my mind was buzzing with how to splice video games and net neutrality,” he explains.

It took a few years, but Metson eventually partnered with fellow aspiring indie game developer Pontus Schönberg to build Off Grid, a satirical stealth game where you utilize data to traverse the world. Work first started in early 2013, and the game is expected to launch sometime next year. Off Grid isn’t the first game to tackle these issues, but whereas titles like Watch Dogs have simply grafted ideas about data and privacy on to a fairly traditional open-world experience, Off Grid is making them the defining feature. There aren’t even any weapons or combat. “We’re making a game about how manipulative data can be,” explains Metson. “Your interactions should be about manipulating it to learn that.”

Off Grid takes place in a surveillance state, one where a government backed by large corporations keeps a close eye on the actions of its citizens. But you don’t play as an underworld hacker or a corporate spy. Instead, the game casts you in the role of an oblivious everyman, one unaware all of his actions are being recorded. Just what the story will be is still a bit vague — we know that “a series of dark events unfold” forcing you into action — but the game itself is largely about sneaking around.

The idea is that everyone, even a guard patrolling a secure building, leaves behind information that can be found and manipulated. If a security guard gets a text message, for instance, you can modify what it says to change his route and sneak past. “We kind of think of it as a sort of data chess,” says Metson. “Every character is a piece and you have to manipulate their data to move them, find a solution, solve puzzles, or achieve an objective.”

It’s clearly a serious subject, but unlike experiences like Papers, Please, which turned a real-world problem into a heart-wrenching video game, Off Grid will be much more lighthearted. It’s described as a satirical game, and features a low-fi polygonal art style that brings to mind a stylized take on Men in Black. The fact that the story and visual style are a bit goofy might actually make the overall point of the game even stronger, Schönberg believes. “Sometimes realizing how close the satirical world you are experiencing in a game or a movie actually is to the real world, can be much more effective than if everything was presented as being real in the first place,” he says.


The fact that the main character isn’t an expert ties right into those goals — he’s clumsy, doesn’t understand technology, and is learning about privacy ideas right alongside the player. It’s a far cry from Metal Gear Solid's gritty Solid Snake or the magical hacking tools of Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs. Schönberg says that the character “seems like a perfect fit if we want to actually tell people about things they can — and possibly should — know about, even if they aren’t super-agents or hackers.

Perhaps surprisingly, the designers actually view the overall message as a somewhat secondary consideration. While the hope is to raise awareness of an important topic, the ultimate goal is to build a fun game — though the two concepts aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. “The game being enjoyable to play is the most important thing,” says Schönberg, “and getting any message across or opening up any discussion about its topic is just a bonus.”

Off Grid is slated to launch in 2015 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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Bloxland Story release date for Linux, Mac and PC


Bitbox Games has announced that Bloxland Story will release soon for Windows Phone, PC, Mac, and Linux. The game was previously released on Android devices via the Google Play Store and for iOS devices this summer.

From the Press Release Bitbox Games, Spanish based video game publisher, is proud to announce a new release for this summer: Bloxland Story. Developed by “Talaiot Studio”, it will be first released in Google Play Store and iTunes for smartphones/tablets during summer 2014. Subsequently, Windows Phone, PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game are scheduled for a later release.

Bloxland Story features puzzle mechanics combined with frantic action where strategy plays an important role. Main game basic consists in matching 3 or more blocks of the same color in order to increase the Block Counter and/or completing any other objectives of a particular stage. Speed play will help increasing the “Chain Bar” and therefore the score multiplier. At the same time new blocks are persistently falling from the top. If a column is full when a new block should fall on it, the Game is over.

The game features a singular art style. Firstly, thanks to its 16-bit pixel inspired look, flavored by dozens of references to classic video game culture. Secondly, the charisma of its main character. And finally, an OST created with catchy synthesized melodies beautified by the funny game sound effects.


  • Story mode with 40 levels spread across 5 world zones with primary objectives and bonuses for completing various secondary goals.
  • Special gameplay mechanics in each zone that will test your mental agility.
  • Reward system with medals that unlock new gameplay modes such as “Survival” and “Time Attack”.
  • Upload scores to the cloud for each mode.
  • Share your scores on Facebook and Twitter.
  • A gameplay system inspired by classics of the genre, while still being unlike anything you’ve seen so far! Guaranteed!
  • Forget about paying for rewards or the typical micro-transactions typical of this type of game. The full version gives you access to absolutely all content, but you can also try the free limited version before deciding to buy the game.
Bloxland Story aims to carry nostalgic players back to the Golden Age of Video Game while letting new generations feel a true classic experience.

Bloxland Story was first shown last June at Mallorca Game 2014 (a video games event held in the Balearic Islands) where it was highly acclaimed by the lucky players were able to test it. Talaiot Studio developers David Martins and Pablo Beltrán describe Bloxland as a sincere expression of passion for video games, reminiscent of the 8-16 bit era, adapted to contemporaneous likes but maintaining the essence of challenging gameplay. Carefully crafted, Bloxland Story has all the ingredients to become the Spanish revelation game of the year.

For Bitbox Games this will be its third successful release this year, following the PC/Mac version of “Scourge: Outbreak” and “Ambush (Scourge)” for Android and iOS; both from the developer Tragnarion Studios.  


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DieselStormers hits Early Access, coming to Linux, Mac

Founded in 2012 and Indie Game Studio based in Offenburg, Germany, Black Forest Games looked to Kickstarter to fund DieselStormers, an action multiplayer game set in a dieselpunk-fantasy, which was successfully funded within 26 days with goal of $50k and raised $52,931. DieselStormers has now made it’s way PC via Steam Early Access today for $18.99. There are plans for the game to also be on PS4, Xbox One, Linux, Mac and other platforms.


Based on a report from Fox News, there have been several studies suggest that ’75 to 84 percent of all Kickstarter projects are delivered with a remarkable delay based upon the release date initially announced on the crowdfunding platform.’ With that report in mind, Black Forest Games previously looked to Kickstarter for their previous games in the Giana project in 2012, which brought Giana Twins: Twisted Dreams to Steam back in October 2014 after it was greenlit. After that, Giana Twins: Twisted Dreams Rise of The Owlverlord came out.

After that, Black Forest Games looked to Kickstarter again for another game called Ravensdale, but that was an unsuccessful run, and they had to go back to the drawing board. Black Forest is now happy to be the exception to the rule of the 75 to 84 percent of all Kickstarter projects being delivered with a delay based on the release date initially announced on the crowdfunding platform.

It’s now releasing its second successful Kickstarter-backed title DieselStormers without any delay. Punctuality rate: a hundred percent!


DieselStormers began where Ravensdale left off, where players will be in a little town known as Ravensdale and chaos has broken loose through the town. Though there may be an answer to why this all happened, and it leads up to the discovery of oil being in the town, which has made hundreds o humans turn into oil hungry orcs. Due to the chaos, new machines have been build that bring new forms of magic, while evil monsters are just destroying the town and enslaving the human, while drinking the oil as if it was beer, which they call ‘goop.’ Players will join the ‘Resistance,’ who are people that fight back the orcs in battles and go against the bosses.

During the Early Access, features will include:
  • Single player mode.
  • Online co-op multiplayer.
  • Early version of local/couch co-op (up to 4 players, controllers only, in a single player mission press “start” and then controller button “A” to join).
  • Randomly-generated levels and loot based on template combinations (no story/equipment progression yet).
  • Modular weapon parts and crafting system basics (combinable stats and properties).
  • Basic overdrive mode (death beam).
  • Elemental types: fire and goop.
  • Interaction between elements. E.g. goop can be set ablaze and vice versa.
  • Basic hazards and helpers: force fields, fire, explosive barrels and more.
  • Three basic enemy types and one elite Mech enemy in up to five variants each.
  • One district of the city of Ravensdale.
  • Three primary mission types and one secondary objective (kill an elite enemy or enemy waves, or simply reach the end of the level).
Once the game has been fully finished, the full release version will feature:
  • An overarching storyline with gate story missions.
  • A full progression system (loot tiers, story/mission progress, unlocks/upgrades).
  • Equippable armor parts with stats and abilities (e.g. bullet catching, jump jets, etc.): helmets and shoulders, gauntlets, cuirass and greaves.
  • New elemental properties for projectiles and hazards (e.g. lightning, gravity, etc.) and new projectile abilities (seeking, creeping, eruptive, etc.).
  • New mission types: e.g. defending a base, speedrunning, transporting cargo, etc.
  • Calamities: level-changing global effects like lowered gravity, goop tides, raid bombardments, etc.
  • Many, many more new and improved level chunks.
  • New hazards and helpers: conveyor belts, crumbling platforms, rotating platforms, triggers, gravity vortexes, etc.
  • Elite helper objects, e.g. a multi-crewable cannon.
  • Advanced modular enemies with new combinable weapons and special abilities (e.g. heavy shield in front, spawn a hazard trail, berserk, etc.)
  • New large elite enemies with combinable body parts, special abilities and big fragging guns.
  • Huge boss enemies with even more combinable body parts, special abilities and extra limbs with BFG slots.
  • Team upgrade (Arc Connector) based on combinable elemental effects (lightning, fire, etc.), projectile boosts and more.
  • Legendary loot with unique properties like shooting goblins at your foes.
  • Character progression skill tree.
  • Final music and audio effects.
  • Fully supported couch co-op.
  • A complete overhaul of the Headquarters.

“Once we’ve made a promise we intend to keep it no matter what,” Managing Director  and Co-Founder of Black Forest Games, Adrian Goersch, proclaims, “We’ve spent years with a vision of Diesel, Orcs and Guns in our heads. Now we are finally at a point where we can share that universe with the community. But we intend to do more. It is our goal to involve the players intensively in our development phase. Until the final release we are planning to publish ten major updates.”

DieselStormers is for both single players and multiplayer mode that can either be local or online for up to 4 players, and currently is $18.99, but once the final version is available in April 2015, it will be $24.99. The backers of the game, have already received their Steam Early Access codes.

You can find out more information about the game on their official site, plus follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.


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Darkwood horror adventure coming to Linux, Mac and PC

Top-down survival-horror adventure Darkwood is coming to Steam Early Access on 24th July for PC, Mac and Linux at $14.99 (about £9).

The Polish indie game consists of a three-person development team Acid Wizard Studio created a procedurally-generated surreal spookfest that resembles a mix of Silent Hill, The Binding of Isaac, Twin Peaks and Don’t Starve.

Darkwood was successfully crowdfunded over a year ago on Indiegogo where it raised $57,323.

To celebrate its impending Early Access launch, Acid Wizard released an interactive trailer for Darkwood. It’s pretty unsettling with plenty of creepy crawleys, ghostly churchgoers, rotting corpses and a talking humanoid canine. Bring it on!!


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Story trailer for The Hum teases sci-fi horror, impressive

The Hum is a new indie horror project that actually went up on Steam Greenlight in mid-May and made the cut shortly thereafter, but the above story trailer hit Youtube on the weekend and quite impressive. Some of the dramatic pauses in the narration are held a little too long and it’s not exactly loaded with insight into what we will be doing in the game, but as “cool setups” go it definitely has my attention.

“The Hum,” according to Wikipedia, is a phenomenon “involving widespread reports of a persistent and invasive low-frequency humming, rumbling, or droning noise not audible to all people.” They exist in one form or another in various parts of the world, and they’re fascinating because while they may bother a large number of people, it’s often difficult or flat-out impossible to tell where they’re actually coming from. Maybe they emanate from industrial machinery far off in the distance; or maybe it’s the harbinger of an alien invasion that brings the entirety of the human race to its knees in mere days and then traps the survivors in a psychological hell from which there is no escape.

The description on the Steam Greenlight page is equally intriguing. “The Hum is a horror game set in a world that has been destroyed by a sudden alien invasion. You will play the role of a survivor hiding in a barn since the invasion, months ago,” it says “But, something strange starts to happen. Every day, every night, you wake up with new memories, new abilities, new paranoias.” It will take place from the first-person perspective and include standard stealth gameplay, “but you will suffer constant abductions that will alter your sense of reality and will break down your deepest beliefs.”

It’s indie and it’s very early in the development process, which are two good reasons not to be too overly invested in a wildly successful and fulfilling outcome. On the other hand, the horror genre is virtually ruled by indie studios these days: Games like Amnesia, Outlast, Slender and Huntsman do things that major publishers, at least until recently, wouldn’t even think about. Furthermore, the developer of The Hum claims he’s also a therapist, clearly implying that he’s not above using his intimate knowledge of the human psyche to scare the crap out of players, and it’s being developed to support the Oculus Rift, for those who prefer to immerse themselves into a living nightmare that can’t be escaped by simply looking away.

No launch target has been set but an Early Access release is probably going to happen. In the meantime, you can keep up with what’s what at


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