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We want Half-Life 3 crowdfunding to influence Valve

Some people are very serious about Half-Life 3. Serious enough to start a crowdfunding campaign asking for $150,000. Their aim? To pester Valve developers enough that they finish and release the game.


Half-Life 3 has reportedly been in development for ages now. Having never been officially confirmed, fans have never really shut up about how they want Valve to release it. But somehow we are at a point where all those forum posts, Reddit threads, screaming on Steam, all pale in comparison to today’s campaign.

The elaborate Indiegogo campaign is started by Chris Salem and Kyle Mazzei, who work for marketing firm McKee Wallwork & Co., and claim the firm is supporting them in their endeavour.

Being an Indiegogo campaign, Chris and Kyle get to keep whatever money it makes. There are four tiers to this thing, and I am going to list them all because they are completely ridiculous.

$3,000 tier: The duo will start a Google AdWord campaign that targets all 300 employees of Valve, all saying “we want Half-Life 3″.

$9,000 tier: A truck with a giant billboard will “besiege” Valve HQ in Washington and show similar messages.

$45,000 tier: This is the most ridiculous one of them. The pair will hire Gabe Newell look-a-likes to also “besiege” Valve’s HQ, all wearing “we want Half-Life 3″ t-shirts.

$150,000 tier: And finally, the most extravagant one; a concert will be held in Seattle featuring “some of the biggest names in video game music” and invite Valve employees and fans.

According to Kotaku, the campaign’s goal is to “engulf Valve employees’ lives”. I can’t seem to find that anywhere on the campaign page, so it must’ve been removed.

Find This Campaign On  and 

You may think this is borderline harassment, and you will be 100% correct. It’s one thing to be a fan of something and clamour for a sequel, and it’s another thing entirely to raise money so you can better harass developers to make said sequel. Newsflash everyone; Valve doesn’t owe you anything.


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Tormentum announced for Linux, Mac, PC and Mobile


Tormentum has revealed its official Indiegogo campaign to fund the action game that takes place in a dark world like something between a dream and a nightmare. Tormentum will release in the near future for PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. Read on.

Tormentum is a surreal adventure game, featuring moral choices. The action of the game is set in a dark world, veering between dreams and nightmare. The main protagonist, that the player takes control over, doesn’t remember his name nor the place where he came from. Visiting new lands, he slowly starts to uncover the truth about himself. Sounds familiar? Nothing further from truth because, on the basis of this seemingly hackneyed plot, OhNoo Studio succeeded at creating one of the most original worlds ever seen by the adventure games genre. The dreamlike atmosphere featured in the game was inspired by the works of a Polish painter, Zdzislaw Beksinski, and a recently deceased Swiss painter, H.R.Giger, among others. The game’s final appearance was also greatly influenced by the worlds presented in such games as Demon’s Souls and Dark Seed.

  • Dark adventure from the border of dream and reality
  • Outstanding soundtrack with more than 20 tracks
  • Unique, hand-drawn illustrations
  • 3 lands, differing in terms of architecture, weather, and creatures dwelling in them
  • Moral choices which will have an impact on the game’s end
  • Characters with unique personalities, which will help or try to prevent the hero in reaching his goal
  • A variety of riddles integrated into the game in a form of different locks, traps, gates, etc.
  • Incredible atmosphere

From this mixture OhNoo Studio created a world full of darkness and depression and only recently started an Indiegogo campaign for Tormentum. Their aim is to raise funds necessary for finishing the game and the goal is to collect $9000. The game is going to be available for PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. To learn more, visit the official Tormentum Indiegogo page


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Indiego Video Game Console crowdfunding new software

Indiegogo push will fund software to transform any Amiga, Mac, PC and Raspberry into a video game console

Giving in to the weight of the public is not always a bad thing, as a group of retro-amigans and dreamers in the gaming industry recently discovered. When people began to request software that would transform computer devices into full fledged video game consoles, the innovators got to work creating Indiego Video Gaming Console.

This software brings a customer user interface that is the best in gaming brilliance and enables it to be delivered into one’s living room and on big screens.

The INDIEGO! is about retro, indie and next generation gaming. It eliminates the need to rebuy old retro games all the time and provides a way to play fresh originals.

Indiego’s OS runs from SD-card or USB-stick. Users can use their favorite input, by electing the joypad or the mouse. Transform any computer device into a fully fledged video game console with ease and home style comfort.

This software offers a mixture of operating systems so users get the best of both sides. It provides compatibility of Linux and the speed of AROS without the operating cost resulting from a normally distended Linux environment. One bonus feature is its compatibility to old consoles and Amiga Computers due to their use of AROS; which is an open source reimplementation of Amiga OS 3.1.

Because of their foresight, the developing team already improved the compatibility to run ECS/OCS/AGA and CD32 based games. AEROS is a hybrid and can run anything a developer might desire.

It will be a multiuser system. Because of this, families can share one unit and give each individual in the home their own account. Additionally, parents can oversee their childrens’ access through parental controls. Enjoyable from the sofa, the game room or other rooms in the house, this software will put power and fun in gamers’ hands. Purchases are tied to the gamer’s user profile so that when they log into another machine they still have access to their paid software.

There are already some educational games available on their App store; which showcases the developers’ prior skills and dedication to providing high demand games and other software.

The success of this campaign will serve to prove to potential resellers that intense public interest in this product exists.


In support of its Crowdfunding campaign, committed to:
  • Do additional server programming
  • Buyadditional Hardware to port, test and fix INDIEGO!-OS.
  • Ensure that INDIEGO!-OS will work on as many devices as possible
  • Pay Web-designers
  • Obtain licensing media codes for media playback
  • Make the device available as a free digital download

Games Galore, Photos, Music, Videos

From day one, the Indiego! will enter the online market teeming with games and demos that users can start playing on a whole catalog of gaming devices. In addition, storing, collecting and taking games to other locations is simple. No hardware installation is involved. Gamers need only plug the Indiego! stick into their PC and game away. The Indiego supports a number of media center applications; which means that music, videos and photos are available on demand.

About indie Coins

indieCoins are bonus system offering holders of this niche eco-system exchange feature to do any of the following:
  • get them as cash back from partners
  • get them from partners in exchange for real money
  • get them as donation (requires additional membership in a club)
  • earn them with voluntary jobs
The Indiegogo campaign’s initial goal of €800 ($1100 USD)  is currently active and runs through July 8, 2014 at 11:59 Pacific Time. Full details about the Indiegogo campaign including sponsorship and involvement levels can there. Other platform information can be found at Amiga World.

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Caffeine horror game creator switches to UnrealEngine4

Caffeine is the latest in a run of recent games switching from rival engines to Unreal Engine 4, and its creator Dylan Browne has explained the switch in a new interview.


It follows VR adventure game Loading Human making the leap from Unity to Unreal Engine 4, along with, Project Morpheus support and a mass script re-write. It’s now quite different.

Speaking with AusGamers, Browne said of the switch, “I went to UE4 because I really wanted Caffeine to stand out graphically, and visuals to me are quite important. Even just for the storytelling part of Caffeine, if you can make it look really nice it adds to the experience. I also just really wanted UE4 and I did contact them [Epic] but I didn’t get very far.

“Literally the week after I contacted them though they released UE4 SDK to the public and I went straight over to it. The process didn’t take me very long to transfer everything – within a week I had a new trailer for it in the UE4 and had most assets converted over.

“As well as that, the performance was much better moving into the UE4 compared to UE3. I found that with the previous engine, it didn’t really like big textures and with UE4 one of the main graphical reason was reflections. In UE3 the only way you can do reflections is by re-rendering the scene again, which takes a massive performance hit and it can only do flat reflections. ”

Browne added that while Caffeine is coming to PC, Mac and Linux, the switch to Unreal Engine 4 hasn’t hampered system configurations at all. “On the whole it performs a lot better,” he revealed, “and still has the ability to compile for Mac and Linux I believe. Also they [Epic Games] have just released interim support for SteamOS compiling, which shouldn’t take them long to get out for the main release as at the moment its a bit of an alpha release.”

“I haven’t fully dabbled in it yet, but apparently the new engine has better support for Linux compiling as well which should help with development. I know that from my personal attempts at trying Linux it involves a lot more but hopefully its a lot easier with the prerequisites for it built in. Also the engine still obviously supports console architecture but you require permission for licensing to those individual platforms. ”

You can download the Caffiene pre-release demo here, and start playing now along with pledging for the title on Indiegogo.

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Sci-Fi Horror game Caffeine using Unreal Engine 4 

Caffeine is a new PC horror title from local Adelaide developer Dylan Brown that takes place on an interstellar caffeine mining space station, and is inspired by the likes of F.E.A.R and Condemned. The game is utilising Epic’s latest Unreal Engine 4 and looks every bit as terrifying as it sounds.
The Year is 2097, the Earth is over-populated and is lacking resources.

The most consumed drug is caffeine and companies have countless outposts among the stars mining the resources required to quench the endless thirst of Earth’s population.
One of the big focuses for Caffeine is the fact that the game won’t have any weapons, instead taking a leaf from Amnesia or Dear Esther by putting you on a rather horrifying interactive ride. Brown describes Caffeine as “primarily be a Sci-Fi Horror game, but at the same time employ[ing] a strong focus on both adventure and narrative and will include some smart puzzle game play.”

Brown has launched his game onto IndieGoGo, looking for $80,000 to bring Caffeine to life, though has also pushed the game over to Steam Greenlight. So far the project has raised just under $2,000 with 43 days left to go so pull out those wallets if you feel like giving yourself a scare. You can check out the teaser trailer below, and a demo is also available.

Currently Caffeine is looking to support Windows on launch as a 100% DRM-free version, though Brown has mentioned that Mac and Linux may see a release depending on funding. A PlayStation 4 version may also see the light of day depending on funding as well.

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0 A.D. Indiegogo Fundraiser Wrap-Up for the Open-Source Strategy Game

The #developers behind the #Open-Source #Strategy #Game #0AD would like to extend their thanks and appreciation for raising $33,251 in donations!
We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who donated and who worked hard to spread the word about our game and this fundraising campaign.

The sum we raised for this campaign dwarfs all of our past fundraisers combined. We are very happy to have raised this much, over 20% of our original goal of $160k, and we’ll be putting your donations to good use in the year ahead as we hire our programmer for a full 12 months of work.

The most popular perk was “Donator”, at 641 donors contributing $8679 in total. Donors at this level were promised a “Donator” badge on the Wildfire Games forums, appearance in a donor list we maintain on Twitter, and getting added to the list of “contributors” in the game.

This means that the most significant overall contribution came from people who weren’t interested in any physical perk at all!


Perk Fulfillment

In the coming weeks we’ll be working on fulfilling all of the perks. We’ll be contacting many of you via e-mail regarding some details (shirt sizes, etc.).
  • A reminder for those donors who are claiming the 0 A.D. Original Soundtrack: We will be offering the soundtrack in both super high quality FLAC format for download and the physical CD. If you would like just the FLAC digital download, please let us know when we contact you. This will help us save money on CDs and shipping and ensure more of your money goes toward developing the game instead.For those who opt for the physical CD, we know you won’t be disappointed. For everyone at this perk level (and above), our composer Omri Lahav is cooking up something special. Should be pretty fun. ;)

Delivery for most physical perks should be between the end of November and the end of December. Of course, we’ll continue to update everyone as fulfillment moves forward.

Thanks again to our 1274 donors, and we promise we’ll make you all proud.

If you missed the fundraiser and still want to donate, don’t worry, see our donation page for details how to contribute!

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Square Enix ‘Collective’ partners with Indiegogo and old Eidos IP


Square Enix is partnering with Indiegogo for a indie development curation program it’s calling Square Enix Collective. The platform allows creators to post their ideas to Square Enix’s community, garnering votes over the course of 28 days. Project pitches are evaluated by Square Enix, and providing the community approves the idea, can then be taken to Indiegogo to potentially raise funds for development. Square Enix stays in touch through each game’s development process, assisting in distribution once the game is ready.

The publisher says that while submitting a pitch costs nothing for creators, they “will need to accept some terms and conditions” when placing their ideas in front of Square Enix’s community. Square Enix also added that creators “could have the chance to work with some of the older Eidos IP from our back-catalogue,” indicating that its own properties are on the table for prospective designers to toy with.

Square Enix will have more information on the program’s requirements and submission guidelines at November’s GDC Next even in Los Angeles.

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Lords of Xulima Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Available in English and Spanish for PC, MAC & Linux.

The untold story of gods & humans continues

In the works at Numantian Games for Windows, Linux and Mac, Lords of Xulima is an isometric, turn-based, single-player 2D role-playing game. The game is set on a mythical lost continent called Xulima where the world makers lived in ancient times. The game features a vast challenging world where you will have to create and command a six character party in an epic story of gods and men.

In Lords of Xulima, Numantian Games have set out to make a challenging, turn-based RPG in the vein of the old school classics. While making a game filled with character development, puzzles and often difficult strategic combat. The goal is to create an immersive environment and a challenging combat system; how you choose to play will be entirely up to you.

We draw our gameplay inspiration from the old school classics. We do enjoy some of the amenities and graphics of today’s RPGs, but too often they lack the depth and challenge of the games of the past. Our goal is to capture the complexity of past RPGs and deliver them in a modern game. The elements of RPGs that we find most intriguing are the following:

  • An epic story: We love stories that are original and not afraid of being fully immersed in a fantasy world.  It’s an element that seems to be missing from games recently with the exception of some Japanese productions. Lords of Xulima tells just one part of an expansive mythology that chronicles the world from its creation until its ultimate end. We have no intention of being limited to themes like “political conspiracies” or “faction struggles”.
  • A game system that rewards intelligence, imagination, and strategy: We believe a good game should depend on these skills, instead of relying on the player’s reflexes, or ability to hit a complicated combinations of buttons in a few milliseconds.
  • A challenging environment: Yes, we love challenges.  We love feeling small and vulnerable in a vast, dangerous world.  We want our “stupid” actions to have negative consequences, and we want our accomplishments to feel like our own, because we’ve earned them. We don’t want to feel like success in a game is simply the result of a programmed script or tutorial that wants to convince us that we are heroes.  When you succeed in Lords of Xulima, it will be because you have played carefully, fought hard and earned your victory.


Lords of Xulima Features

  • More than 60 hours of true role playing experience.
  • Create your party with up to six characters, choosing between 9 classes and more than 100 unique skills.
  • Strategic turn-based combat in first person view: Battle more than 100 enemies with unique skills and powers.
  • A vast continent to explore, with different environments and climates: You are free to go anywhere you want from the beginning of the game, but take care; the lands of Xulima are extremely dangerous.
  • More than 30 dungeons: Castles, towers and temples await for you to discover their secrets.
  • The depth and challenge of old school RPG classics, but with a modern, intuitive interface.
  • Enchanting hand-drawn 2D graphics for landscapes and maps, mixed with 3D, pre-rendered models to bring smooth animations for characters and creatures.
  • Available for Windows, MAC and Linux.
  • Languages: English, Spanish.

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AdventurOS game based on the content of your computer


AdventureOS is an 2.5D RPG/Metroidvania adventure based game that is entirely auto-generated by the content (folders and files) of your computer. Each room, object, enemy, puzzle, key, treasure, boss… Is actually an interpretation of the files you can find on the computer where the game is running, making each adventure as exciting as exclusive for each user.

The basic concept behind AdventurOS is one that will fascinated you for years: a game that interprets a computer’s file structure as level code, thus creating a unique but repeatable and controllable experience for everyone. Evelend Games have taken this and fitted it naturally within a fantasy metroidvania mold. Each room is built from a folder with doors used to go deeper into sub-folders, while monsters, chests and other oddities are spawned from the files within.

AdventurOS works like a complex Metroidvania where getting to new levels requires exploring previous rooms, fighting enemies and solving puzzles to keep going. Your main goal is to clean all the castle’s rooms from the curse casted by the Intruder. To clean a room you must set all the NPCs free by killing the creatures that keep those NPCs inside them. Once you clean a room you don’t have to clean it again. But watch out! if you miss one enemy you will have to start over the next time you visit it.

The skills must be acquired by earning experience inside previous levels. Every explored room gives a little more experience to the character, which will be invested on unlocking the required skills from a skill tree. Fallen enemies will drop random items depending on the folder level, size, power and drop rate. Items such as hoods, swords, books or shields will increase the character’s stats and add element modifiers.
 - Which platforms will be AdventurOS released on?

AdventurOS will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux.

- How does the game analyze my computer? Is it safe?

The game will only index a folder when entered, and it only reads the information while being inside it. The game is not going to change any file except the ones inside the game folder.

- How will the funding be spent?

Since there are three of us in the team making the game (living in different countries) , after taking around 25% for taxes once the campaign gets funded, the rest will be used to pay rent, utilities and equipment such as software and hardware for the development of the game. If we get any extra funding we will add stretch goals to the campaign with more features since we will be able to extend the development process then.

- How and when do I get my perks?

How: Right after the campaign ends we’ll contact all the backers to thank them for their contribution and we will explain any particular case on how to get their perks. When: Usually, and depending on the type of perk, all of them will be delivered in the first and second month from the end of the campaign. This always in the case the project gets successfully funded.

-What happens when some changes are made to the programs, files or directories of my computer?

The game will index the folder when entered. When some change has been made (only rooms that has been already visited) the player gets a message, something like “The castle has trembled, it seems like the Architect has made some changes” then you can visit those rooms again to update the map and clean the new area if needed.
It’s intriguing, but exactly how will it operate when there are such a huge number of file types available. Will it distinguish between various image formats, or spawn a single entity for all of them? How about proprietary formats that are used only by specific software? In an age of easily purchasable terabyte drives, what will the game do with my flatmate’s several-gig wallpaper folder? Or the “downloads folder” when it hasn’t been cleaned it for six months, installer and various pictures strewn about the place?

How the developers choose to tackle these challenges, and many more besides, will be very interesting.  At this time they are about 36 hours left on the Indiegogo campaign.

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Smashing Indiegogo Records the Ubuntu Edge Campaign

Last week, Scanadu Scout — a medical tricorder that tracks vital signs — raised $1,370,462, thus ending Matthew Inman’s (of The @Oatmeal) nearly year-long reign as Indiegogo’s top-funded campaign. When it ended on Saturday, the Scout had raised a whopping $1,664,574.

And then it was Monday.

At 8am PST, the Ubuntu Edge launched on Indiegogo to fund a next generation smartphone that doubles as a desktop computer. Things started happening fast — very fast.

First, it raised $135,483 in its first hour — an Indiegogo record. Receiving nearly 3.7 contributions per minute, Ubuntu hit $1 million in about four hours. It passed $2 million just after 4pm PST (in 8 hours), crossed through $3 million — 12 hours after launching — and hit $4 million in 45 hours.

As of this posting, the London-based campaign has raised $7,589,750 from 16541 contributors in 50 countries. It could very well be on its way to being the largest crowdfunding campaign ever.

Top 20 Countries by Contribution:

1. United States 11. Italy
2. Germany 12. Austria
3. UK 13. Spain
4. Netherlands 14. Israel
5. Australia 15. Poland
6. Canada 16. Taiwan
7. Sweden 17. South Africa
8. France 18. New Zealand
9. Singapore 19. Mexico
10. Brazil 20. Chile

In a lot of ways, Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux software has lot in common with Indiegogo’s crowdfunding philosophy — as does its Ubuntu Edge smartphone. The software is free and open sourced, a global platform that transcends borders and languages, and the Edge will harness this same power to be a gamechanger in the smartphone and personal computing market.

“Ubuntu” comes from a Nguni Bantu word (and South African philosophy) that translates to “human kindness.” If you think about it, it takes a lot of ubuntu (and passion) to make a crowdfunding campaign succeed. So far, it looks like Ubuntu Edge has had a lionshare of it.

A big congratulations to the Ubuntu team and good luck as they push toward their goal!

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Indiegogo: Gods Will Be Watching coming to Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iOS

The Deconstructeam is proud to announce the crowdfunding campaign for Gods Will Be Watching, a survival point’n’click adventure where every decision is a moral dilemma, and the slightest mistake a matter of life or death. Gods Will Be Watching is an exciting pixel art project, arisen from a prototype developed in scarcely 72 hours for Ludum Dare #26 competition. The great reception among critics and audience, as well as our will to take our vision on storytelling one step further, has encouraged us to plan and launch this project that I’m pleased to show you for the very first time.


The Gods Will Be Watching project seeks to broaden the experience of the original game not only in length and variety, but also in depth. Sergeant Burden appears once again is placed again as the central character universe from which we have shown only bits, and which we really want to develop in this exciting new adventure. Who are the Xenolifer bioterrorists? What is the Everdusk company? Who is Sergeant Burden himself, with whom we shared hardships in that Ludum Dare? In his role, we have been scared, hungry, cold, and bleak. Now, thanks to this new set of scenarios, we will have to overcome a new series of difficulties that will put the player between a rock and a hard place, in a delicate balance and facing constant dilemmas. There are no Good nor Evil decisions in Gods Will Be Watching, but only wise or misguided choices regarding survival. Would you murder that hostage in cold blood to keep control?


  • 6 levels with many harsh situations and possible solutions.
  • 10+ hours of gameplay (hundreds in the likely case you die over and over again).
  • New cinematics that will expand the game’s background.
  • An outstanding soundtrack with more than 10 tracks by Fingerspit.
  • A large variety of tricky situations, with a difficulty level that will test the most stubborn survivors.
  • The Empathy System: player actions affect the whole group’s attitude.
Platforms: Windows, MAC, Linux confirmed, as well as versions for iOS and Android.

Estimated release date: February 2014.


About Deconstructeam

Deconstructeam is a young development team which has been built on top of 15 months of intensive work, from game jam to game jam making games, exploring new approaches to fun, looking for new narrative techniques, and experimenting with game design. From putting you in the skin of a torturer (Ages of Irving) to a post-apocalyptic steampunk hacking simulator (Newbie Conviction), Deconstructeam has been aiming to develop a unique brand of fun to offer to the world. We think there are lots of unexplored areas in game design, and exploring them is a really challenging task, but also highly rewarding.

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World of Diving Announced, coming to Linux and Supports Oculus Rift

Vertigo Games today unveiled World of Diving , an online multiplayer dive game for PC, Mac and Linux that supports (but does not require) the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. A crowdfunding campaign is underway on Indiegogo. Over the coming month, Vertigo Games will be raising a total funding amount of $75,000 for the development of World of Diving.

What is World of Diving?

World of Diving is the first online multiplayer diving game, with which will recreate that feeling of wonder and discovery you get at the bottom of the ocean. The Vertigo team is all set to take you on the otherworldly experience that is World of Diving - all from the comfort of your own (hopefully quite dry) home.

Starting out in the Caribbean, you can enjoy the real-world diving spots that were recreated, while the entire world’s oceans are waiting for you to explore thanks to a technique called procedural generation.

While World of Diving will appeal to both hardcore simulation fans and casual diving enthusiasts, it is important to focus development efforts on making the world fun… and not just a mathematical model. World of Diving will be a place for you to hang out with your friends - whether you have met them in or outside of the game – where you can swim with sea turtles, hunt for the great white shark or party on your own luxury yacht.




Game Features

Several key design goals that will make World of Diving the ultimate digital diving experience. Of course Vertigo Games will want to hear your opinion as well, incorporating some of your best ideas into game development.
  • Visit astonishing real-world diving spots, manually brought to life by our design team.
  • Explore the Earth’s oceans without limitation thanks to procedurally generated environments.
  • Customize your character, from body type, face and hair style to clothing and accessories.
  • Team up and explore with friends or one of your NPC companions.
  • Over a hundred collectable species, many of which add their unique benefit to your diving skill.
  • Compete with friend and foe over ancient treasure and in exciting diving challenges.
  • Discover rusty ship wrecks, World War II submarines and eerie underwater caverns.
  • Take part in the community and direct the development of the gameplay and in-game items.
  • Play using the Oculus Rift for the full immersive experience, or use a traditional monitor.

World of Diving is now in its early prototype phase, and with your support Vertigo can keep growing the game, into a huge, populated digital diving realm. If they reach their goal, World of Diving will be ready for its release on PC, Mac and Linux in early 2014. But that’s not all: World of Diving is not only playable using a normal monitor, it also supports the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for a truly *immersive* experience!

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